How Can Removal.AI Help Empower Your Ecommerce Business

The ecommerce industry is rapidly growing around the world with the internet becoming the first port of call for virtually anything. It is incredible how the ecommerce business has grown that many companies are delving into the digital world. With this growth, competition has become tougher and companies face challenges that are inherent to their digitalization.

According to ecommerce statistics, shopping sales will be attributed to ecommerce sites for up to as much as 95% by 2040. 99firms also states that in the US market alone, 80% of those who use the internet buy at least once from ecommerce sites.

An ecommerce business has to have the best technology and ecommerce tools in order to keep up or risk being left behind by the tech-savvy competitors. Learning about SaaS for commerce can help regarding this wherein it will give the company advantage especially during the building phase of the ecommerce website.

One of the best ways to do this is by using APIs for ecommerce that are specifically intended to help with enhancing product photos. A background remover is one of the best ecommerce tools. With the power of AI technology, being able to remove background, edit and perfectly clip product photos is truly a game-changer wherein the products look extra special in seconds.

Great Product Photos

Great product photos are significant with ecommerce conversions

Product presentation is the most influential factor that encourages a potential customer into an actual buyer. With ecommerce business, products are presented through images wherein 83% of online shoppers consider it the most important aspect before sealing a deal. Buyers are going to check out at least five to eight images in order to virtually inspect products that they are interested in. This somehow points out the need to have high-resolution images that do not only impress but also help with confidence and trust building.

AI is basically tailored for e-commerce image editing

Using APIs for ecommerce is necessary in order to work smarter and be ahead of the competition. AI technology makes plenty of differences in terms of efficiency and productivity, most especially with repetitive work involved in product photography, including post-production.

In fact, the current AI technology might be the greatest thing that has ever been made for ecommerce image editing needs mainly because of these three reasons:

  • Tech experts are very particular in perfecting AI image classification.
  • Actionable exploits are formulated using standard input and output.
  • Work becomes accessible anytime and anywhere with the incorporation of cloud storage.

Ai Technology

Standardization, automation, and quality prioritization are the three main ingredients in producing better quality output at the fastest and most efficient manner. The use of AI technology for automating cyclic processes ultimately became the gold standard across every industry in the virtual world.

How Removal.AI helps you create great product photos

Effortless professional quality ecommerce photo editing is possible with Removal.AI.

It is a quick, simple, and affordable solution that can deliver the best results for your product photos. This allows you to focus on growing your business without being weighed down by the tedious process of image editing. Removal.AI is perfect for:

1. Background Removal

With our advanced AI technology, photo backgrounds are trimmed out with perfect attention to the details. Before this technology, the best option for removing backgrounds is through the use of complicated photo editing software like Photoshop. With Removal.AI the complex process is cut down to uploading the photo and letting the smart and powerful algorithms do its thing. The best feature of Removal.AI is that it can process thousands of images in seconds, giving you plenty of time for more important business processes.

2. Enhance product photos

More than removing backgrounds, Removal.AI also comes with a powerful photo editing feature that can enhance your product imagery. Add realistic effects like shadows and reflections to make the products look more attractive and also genuine. It gives you the artistic freedom to give the photos a professional finish that can contribute in increasing product values and, ultimately, sales.

3. Professional photo editing specialists

With Removal.AI, you get more than the chance to improve photos by removing backgrounds and adding artistic enhancements. We have experienced photo editors who can work with you in order to reach your business goals through intense product photo editing. Our team is specially oriented with different ecommerce platform requirements so you never have to manually resize and crop photos for upload. We can deliver according to different specifications so you will have the right file types and sizes that are platform-specific. Because of our expertise, we can accommodate any editing request that you can possibly need such as showing off natural contours, creating flattering product silhouettes, adding or removing details, and more!

What our clients think matters a lot and it is with pride that they are able to find our services the best among other image editing sites. We believe that with our dedication to provide only the highest quality of output, our excellent services are what every ecommerce business needs. The real magic lies not only on the powerful AI technology that we have but on the team that continuously finds the time to innovate and improve.

No task is too small or too big for Removal.AI. With the smart approach to ecommerce automations and integrations, our API is simply the best one there is.
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Ecommerce Workflow

Removal.AI API improves Ecommerce Workflow

Developers often use APIs when improving a product’s UX. It allows innovation without having to do the same processes like clockwork. If you require image integration and optimization for your products and services, then you are exactly where you needed to be.

Removal.AI: image background removal

This API is the easiest and fastest method of removing backgrounds from any JPG/PNG images. The AI technology for this API empowers the ecommerce business in a way that it makes content creation more efficient but at the same time produces eye-catching results. Integrating Removal.AI will allow developers to add features easily without all the hassles of doing manual image editing tasks.

Removal.AI API’s top features:

  • Removal.AI is an HTTP-based interface which makes it super easy to integrate.
  • It can support big file sizes for up to 12 MB
  • Files can be uploaded using binary/base64 encoded string or directly downloaded from URL.
  • Any photo with a foreground can be uploaded.
  • Resolutions of 0.25 megapixels for the Free Preview or up to 12 megapixels (6250 × 4000 pixels) for the Full version paid for 1 credit.

Removal.AI API integration

Automated Photo Editing – Why should you choose it over manual editing?

With the competitive world of ecommerce business getting tougher by the minute, automated photo editing becomes a powerful tool to get ahead of your competitors. Here are four reasons why Removal.AI is the perfect tool for your photo editing needs instead of manual editing:

1. Consistency

Human error cannot be avoided especially with high-volume image editing orders. With an AI-powered photo editing, consistency is maintained with the use of powerful algorithms that are constantly improved by the expert technical team. This makes it easier to achieve images that have the same clarity and perfection.

2. Cost-Effective

Photography has evolved so much that it came to a point that almost anybody with a camera, or even a smartphone, can do it. This allows many businesses to flourish without having to hire expensive professional services. With the aid of automated photo editing, it is cheaper to achieve professional-quality photos without the need to depend on manpower and traditional photo editing practices.

3. Faster Turnaround Time

Manual photo editing takes time even for the most experienced photo editor. Automated photo editing trims down the turnaround time to as fast as 24 hours no matter how big the bulk of the project is. With a faster turnaround time, you can have more of your attention directed towards tending the business itself instead of getting stuck during the image production process.

4. Scalability

It is easier to scale up and keep up with the trends with automations. Product revamping usually requires hiring a skilled workforce but automating the process eliminates this constraint.This is a huge advantage if you are set unto growing the business without getting dragged down by the complexities of traditional photo editing processes.

Wrapping things up…

When you have to keep up with technology, it is best that you are aided by ecommerce automation solutions that will serve as your ally in building an ecommerce business empire.

Removal.AI is one such trick that the ecommerce industry badly needs during this time of modern innovations.
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