Background Removal API

Remove the background of any image* with 1 API call
$ curl -L -X POST ""
-H "Rm-Token: YOUR_API_KEY"
-F "image_file=@path/to/image.jpg"
-F "get_file=1" -o transparent_image.png

API Introduction

The Artificial Intelligence technology specialized in background removal has been made easier than ever before using Removal.AI API. With just a few lines of code, you can bring this technology into your application.

Integrate and Customize Easily

Source images: Direct uploads or URL reference

Result images: Reference URL of image file or Base64 encoded data Output

Resolution: up to 25 megapixels
Requires images that have proper, seeable foreground(e.g. people, products, animals, etc.)

Getting started

Step 1: Get your API key
By default, you are offered 10 free preview credits per month. For more: Pricing

Step 2: Use the following code samples to get started quickly.

Step 3: Getting back to the parameters reference to adjust the request.


We authenticate users using special API Key (or API Token). Which can be easily acquired here. The API Key is unique and very different from the others. For security reasons, please do not publish your API Key.

API Reference

Rate Limit

Theoretically, you can process up to 500 images per minute through the API. In reality, this number is heavily depending on your image resolution in megapixels as well as your internet speed.

Input image Megapixels Effective Rate Limit
625 x 400 1 MP 500 images per minute
1200 x 800 1 MP 500 images per minute
1600 x 1200 2 MP 500 / 2 = 250 images per minute
2500 x 1600 4 MP 500 / 4 = 125 images per minute
4000 x 2500 10 MP 500 / 10 = 50 images per minute
6250 x 4000 25 MP 500 / 25 = 20 images per minute

Rare Cases

We actively keep an eye on different rare error cases reported by our great community. We will keep updating rare cases error here and possible fixes.