Manual Image Background Removal Services

Get pixel perfect clipping paths, image masking and professional image editing services. More than just an AI Background Remover, we have our image editors who are more than happy to satisfy your challenging requirements.

Your images will be finished within 24 hours.

Edited by hand and pixel perfect results.

Receive images via your personal email.

Refund if the quality is not satisfied.

Private and personal support.

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2.99 USD

1 images

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3 images

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How our expert remove your image background

Upload your images

Send us your images via the upload form on right on this page. Contact us for bulk orders.


We start working on your images and finish within 24 hours.

Return your images

We return your images via email or any other means of file sharing.

Why use manual background removal service?


Focus on every detail

With manual editing, you can get a perfect cutouts that focus on every details of the edges of your subject.


Best quality for complex photos

Can process and edit any type of photos. Best quality and provides you the room to edit images as you prefer.


Maintain brand editing style

Our editors can copy and maintain your brand photo editing style. Being able to deliver on your client’s brief.


Afforable, flexible and scalable

Even if you have only one photo or a bunch of thousands, we can work with your tight budget and deadline.

image masking

Experienced photo editors at your fingertips

Removal.AI is not just an automated software but also a company that does every edit by hand. Our photo editors can zoom in up to 500% to get pixel perfect edits. From manual clipping path to image masking, we can guarantee you professional results when it comes to any photo editing services.

image masking
image masking

From background removal, clipping path services, image masking and image editing services, our editors can do it all for you...

Our manual background removal is ideal for product photos and complicated images like cosmetics, logos, graphics, real estate, images with multiple subjects, cars, technology, furniture and fury objects.