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Vietnam Office: #5 Nguyentrai street, Vinh city, Vietnam

UK Office: 24-26 Arcadia Avenue, Dephna House #105, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, N3 2JU

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    What images are supported
    You can upload any JPG or PNG image with up to 12 megabytes. Images must have a
    subject that is clearly meant to be the foreground, such as a person, animal, product or car (more info). If
    the image resolution is larger than 12 megapixels (e.g. 6250 × 4000 pixels or any other aspect ratio) it is
    resized to this maximum resolution.
    What if I am unsatisfied with the results?

    At the moment our background remover works very well for photos of persons, products and cars, but some images are
    more challenging than others. We recommend uploading a few images to the free version to get an impression
    of the quality level for your specific images. You can also try 1 image for free by signing up.

    All subscriptions are covered by a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee: You get a full refund within 14 days if you
    are unsatisfied with the results (restricted to 50 downloads). Have a look at our Refund Policy.

    Subscriptions with 7,500 credits per month or more: You only pay for images that meet your required quality

    Is removal.ai free?
    Yes, removal.ai is 100% FREE and always FREE for low-resolution images (0.25 megapixels) and personal uses. For commercial uses or higher resolution, we offer different plans based on different usages.
    Can I cancel/upgrade/downgrade my subscriptions?
    – Yes you can, at any time.
    What payment methods do you support?
    – We support Paypal and Credit card.