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Why Hire Our Manual Photo Editors?

We are proud that our users and loyal customers swear by the effectiveness of our background remover tool. Ever since we released Removal.AI, our technology has improved to significant heights.

Removal.AI was programmed to smartly process photos and deliver incredible results every single time. With its capacity to learn and make its object detection more effective, we assure of the tool’s continuous improvement. This is to keep our users satisfied and always looking forward to something better every time.

Since the beginning, we have carefully observed and analyzed the needs of our customers and we found that some photos require more customizations. It is for this reason that we decided to also offer professional picture editing for more challenging needs. We hired professional editors to make sure that we can serve you to the best that we can. So for photos that need creativity and human intervention, we assure you that we got your back.

With this, we want Removal.AI to be officially your go-to tool and partner in providing you with photo editing solutions that cater to everyone and their every need.

The Reasons Why You Should Hire Our Manual Photo Editors

With our creativity and personal touch, we assure you that you will have the best photos that are suited to your preferences. It is a tough job to make product photos stand out and be effective. With our manual photo editing services, however, effective product photos are within your reach.

professional picture editing sample

Here are the reasons why you should hire our manual photo editors:

1. They can give attention to every detail

The advantage of humans from automated tools is that humans innately have a rationale and can make decisions based on customer needs. Our manual editors can give more attention to details. They can determine better which elements belong to your image subject and remove the ones that are unnecessary.

2. They can follow all the client specifications

Sometimes, you might want to retain some elements from the background that you deem necessary to complete your image. You can instruct our manual editors on your custom specifications and we can do it flawlessly as you wanted.

3. They can perform professional picture editing for you

Our background remover tool already has its own editor that allows you to edit your images further. You can do simple editing tasks such as color enhancement, noise reduction, exposure adjustment, etc. But if you don’t want to do this yourself, our editors can happily do it for you and more professionally as you require it to be.

4. They can copy and maintain a standard photo-editing style

We are aware of how important consistency in your work is for you. If you want consistent results for your images, and maintain a standard in your photo editing style, our editors can copy and adjust it based on your past works.

5. Process and edit all types of photos no matter how complex

We assure you that our photo editors are experts and professionals in their field. With years of experience, they can process and edit all types of photos and assure to satisfy your requirements.

6. Ideal for multifaceted photos such as real estate and jewelry

Pieces of jewelry and real estate images need to be more defined and flawless. It is unacceptable to not highlight the glimmer in your jewelry and the best features of your real estate properties. Thus, these types of images need more care and it’s better to leave the professional picture editing to the pros.


professional picture editing sample 1

professional picture editing sample 2

professional picture editing sample 3

What are the Ideal Conditions to Use Our Background Removal Tool?

1. When you want photo edits but don’t want to install Adobe Photoshop

When we developed Removal.AI and while we are growing users over time, we have found that our solution caters to a bigger problem than we have thought. It ended up not only catering to the needs of professional photo editors and photographers. It also addressed the needs of designers, eCommerce managers, marketing and media experts, and even individuals who have needs for background removal and photo editing.

Needless to say, many people and industries have professional picture editing needs but Adobe Photoshop is just too costly and there are not a lot of people with enough expertise using the tool. Thus, an automated background remover tool not only saves cost but also saves the need to outsource someone to do photo editing tasks.

2. When you want backgrounds removed from multiple photos

It can be nerve-wracking to meet deadlines but automation and AI can easily solve this by applying batch edits on multiple numbers of photos. These are easy yet time-consuming tasks so it will be a huge relief to get it out of your hands so you can focus on more complex tasks. With Removal.AI’s bulk background remover tool, backgrounds from multiple images can be removed at once. No need to wait for hours because you’ll get your images back in seconds.

3. When you don’t want to spend a lot of money

It is so cheap to use automated photo editing technology because you are not going to pay for a full-time employee to do the same jobs. There are also lots of packages that you can choose from so you can effectively control your expenses according to your current needs.

4. When you want to speed up your workflow

What makes automation apps the best is that they can be integrated into your existing photo editing process. This does not only make it easier to use but will also speed up your workflow since everything you need is accessible within one system.

When you have an eCommerce shop.

Automated photo editing apps can handle anything from gadgets to clothes, and cars. It can even be used for professional photography to editing fashion photos or portraits of models. ECommerce shops also have a lot of products. So if you want to edit multiple product images, then Removal.AI is for you.

When you want a simple edit

Why stress yourself out for simple edits that an AI-powered app can do? Simple edits like removing the background can be done instantly so you are able to free yourself some responsibilities.

Although it will always depend on the nature of business, the use of either automation or manual photo editing is at the discretion of the client. Both AI and manual editing has their pros and cons and it is up to you to decide which type of editing will suit your photos best. The ultimate factor that you must consider, however, is the quality of the results. Whether it is through AI technology or by an expert photo editor, what matters the most is that the final picture looks great and will be more effective in any use.

​​A Solution for Everyone and for Every Need…

We, at Removal.AI pride ourselves on the efficiency of our background remover tool. Removal.AI is recognized for its innovative AI-powered photo editing technology but it also prides on having seasoned photo editors on their team.

Whether you are a photographer, an eCommerce manager, a marketer, a developer, or just someone with personal, professional picture editing needs, pixel-perfect edits are guaranteed with every order. Let Removal.AI be your leading partner for both automated and manual photo retouching needs.

Try our manual photo editing services. Send us a photo for a free trial now and find out why we’re the best.
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