20 ECommerce Business Tools for Startups

At a first glance, managing your eCommerce business seems to be a simple matter of sitting back and watching the money pour in. But it really doesn’t work that way. Setting up an eCommerce business, whether it’s selling gluten-free biscuits or premium WordPress plugins, is a difficult task.

Low engagement levels and difficulty in acquiring clients are just the beginning of the problems that come with operating an eCommerce business. These problems may reduce income, cause financial losses, and even cause a company’s brand to be tarnished if not addressed.

But just because you will face difficult times does not rule out the possibility of preparing for and overcoming those challenges as a successful eCommerce entrepreneur. This is why we need eCommerce Business tools to assist us with the growing demands and challenges of running an eCommerce Business.

What is an eCommerce Business?

ECommerce or Electronic Commerce is a term used to refer to the selling and buying of goods online. An eCommerce business, therefore, is an entity that is focused on selling and marketing products and services through the different tools and platforms available on the internet.

There are four ways or eCommerce business models you can focus on when selling products or services via the internet. These are B2C or Business to Consumer, B2B (Business to Business), C2B (Consumer to Business), or C2C (Consumer To Consumer). By understanding these models, you’ll have an idea about the best ways to make a profit based on your niche and your objectives as a business. 

ECommerce enterprises range in breadth from retail giants like Amazon to small-scale artisan websites like Etsy. It also involves personal eCommerce websites made using platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, or WooCommerce.

Categories of ECommerce Business Tools for Startups

Project Management Tools.

Without the appropriate project management tools, it will be very tough to complete and manage day-to-day tasks and your eCommerce assets such as files, images, and documents. Project management tools will assist you in managing and even automating routine chores to increase your productivity.

ECommerce Website Platforms

There are platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce that were developed specifically for e-commerce businesses. These platforms have pre-installed tools and services to assist you in building an eCommerce store and running your business.

Research Tools

Any business, big as well as little, must conduct market research in order to succeed. Market research and analysis are essential before releasing new products or conducting marketing campaigns in order to make well-informed decisions rather than relying on guesswork.

Marketing Tools

ECommerce marketing solutions assist you in growing your business by streamlining processes and improving revenue. These tools will assist you in regaining control of your marketing strategy without requiring you to manually monitor each component of your campaign. You may utilize the data gathered from eCommerce tools to create campaigns that are tailored to the desires and needs of your target audience.

Analytics Tools

Once your eCommerce site is up and running, it must be monitored and evaluated for any pertinent sales data. Automated customer engagement enables you to have a deeper understanding of your clients’ purchasing behavior. With these tools, you can test critical data points on your storefront to determine which changes to make to maximize efficiency, regardless of whether your aim is to increase sales or enhance your website’s performance.

20 ECommerce Business Tools for Startups

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Business Tools


Dropbox is an excellent alternative for sharing and storing data, with both desktop and mobile programs available! Utilize it to establish user lists and permissions for certain folders. Control sharing rights, and if an employee’s device with Dropbox access is lost, you may quickly unlink it from the employee’s account and disable Dropbox syncing. Additionally, you may add additional levels of security as required. Additionally, they provide a free trial.


Trello is a straightforward project management application that, to their credit, has remained steadfastly true to their original concept for the platform (external pressure and acquisitions be damned). Trello ranks well on our list because of its ease of use and versatility. Additionally, Trello provides enough opportunity for growth and is simple to discard or repurpose when you’re ready for a more complete project management solution.


Slack is a commercial communication application that enables workers to interact securely. Additionally, it connects effectively with other applications, such as Google Docs. Slack offers both video and phone calls, as well as screen sharing. It is one of the most often utilized communication platforms for eCommerce company owners since it helps teams stay organized and focused on their goals.


Asana is a tool that allows you to create different tasks for each team member, create plans, mark projects and tasks as completed, assign specific employees for specific tasks and other possibilities. It is very useful when you have deadlines to create a schedule of tasks. Asana greatly improves productivity when you know what you need to do in a day, week, or month.

ECommerce Website Platforms


Over two million shops have been built on the Shopify platform over the past 15 years, and there is no better choice for the majority of small businesses looking to quickly get their online store up and running.

Sign up for a free 14-day trial and in just a few minutes, you’ll have a functional prototype of your company. With the onboarding wizard’s assistance, you can add your products, customize the look and feel of your shop, connect your own domain, and begin collecting payments.


If you’re using WordPress, WooCommerce is the finest option. Rather than beginning from scratch on a new platform, this WordPress plugin simply interacts with your existing WordPress site to enable simple selling.

Installing WooCommerce on your website is absurdly simple. Register on the WooCommerce website. Then, at the onboarding process’s conclusion, pick Auto-install WooCommerce on an existing WordPress site. You’ll be requested to log in before proceeding to configure the plugin. If you’re already using WordPress, this could not be more convenient.


BigCommerce is an industrial eCommerce solution that, as the name implies, is utilized by global corporations such as Ben & Jerry’s. This is a comparable platform for small companies wishing to sell online, but at a substantially lower pricing point.

Having said that, BigCommerce Essentials remains geared at companies that generate a significant amount of revenue, either in units of money. This implies that, unlike the majority of other alternatives, you will be required throughout the onboarding process to establish sales taxes plus automatic shipping.

Research Tools


The service comes with a variety of features. In a nutshell, it enables you to explore a website’s links and most popular pages. This SEO analysis tool identifies referent domains and examines a website’s anchoring structure. Apart from monitoring network connecting, this tool is useful for analyzing rivals and developing a link-building process. Ahrefs is also useful for selecting the most relevant and tough keywords.


An all-in-one solution may be utilized for both organic and paid search engine optimization. There are hundreds of elements that are beneficial for e-growth. shop’s This tool identifies the keywords for which your rivals have already established a presence. These are often more “creative” terms that would be unfindable without this program. Its ranking is determined by the amount of organic traffic and the value of that traffic.

Google Trends

Every company must adapt to changing times. You must decide on the marketing language and descriptive vocabulary to utilize in your sales brochures, website text, and SEO.

Google trends one of the eCommerce business tools that provide insights regarding the popularity of certain keywords at a given time or season. You can compare multiple keywords at a time and assess their popularity across regions/languages. It also displays similar keywords, which may be beneficial for generating fresh keyword recommendations.


Sisense is an analytics and reporting platform that enables you to integrate data from a variety of sources, analyze it, and derive insights.

Sisense offers four distinct solutions, three of which are suitable for research automation: Sisense Cloud, Fusion Analytics, and the Extense Framework. These solutions integrate data analytics into your organization’s workflow, delivering the analytical platform directly to the workstations of your employees. 

Marketing Tools


Removal. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a popular background remover among many marketers for creating background-free photographs. It makes use of artificial intelligence technologies to accurately distinguish the main subject from its background and remove it as efficiently as possible. Designed to make the life of a picture editor simpler by reducing the pain of tediously working on erasing the background of every photograph, this application was developed by designers.

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If you’re looking for a unique website design company, DesignStripe is for you. It first came on the scene in late 2018. It has been a long time since they first started working with some of the biggest companies in their fields. They’ve helped them get the most out of the web by improving their online identity, traffic, and conversion rates. When a website doesn’t work well, nobody should have to deal with it. They’re here to change that.

Active Campaign

Email marketing, digital marketing automation, and small company CRM are all included in ActiveCampaign. There are more than 600+ pre-built automation available for strong segmentation and personalization across social media and electronic communications. Using capabilities like site monitoring, custom forms, and effective email marketing, ActiveCampaign helps you develop your eCommerce company.


Buffer’s product suite includes tools for publishing, interaction, analytics, and collaboration. It offers an intuitive content planning procedure, which is the tool’s primary feature. You can schedule a new post on the move since it includes not only a web version, but also browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera, as well as iOS and Android mobile applications. Additionally, you’ll get a dedicated inbox for communications that demand your response.

Analytics Tools

Google Analytics

Google Analytics should be installed by default on every eCommerce business owner’s computer. Since its inception in 2005, the tool has provided error-free data to a wide variety of companies that operate online shops or websites, ranging from business to manufacturing, travel, and more. When utilized properly, Google Analytics may help you examine your store’s performance and build new tactics for further revenue growth.

Google Search Console

Google search console is a must-have tool for every E-Commerce company since it is critical for improving search engine rankings. You may use it to crawl and index your web pages, as well as monitor their position, impressions, and click-through rate (CTR). When you use the search console, you may get a list of the terms for which your site is ranking in the search results.


You may start with the eCommerce-specific capabilities of Optimizely if you’re wanting to provide your customers with a more tailored and genuine shopping experience. The platform is centered on the use of A/B testing and experimentation to develop more realistic experiences and, as a result, increase the likelihood of converting visitors.

Use Tools for Your ECommerce Business Startup

When it comes to running your own eCommerce business, it’s possible that you’ve already faced some of these difficulties, while others may be just around the corner. However, as we’ve shown with some fantastic eCommerce tools, there are long-term answers for each of these problems.

Briefly stated, eCommerce business websites need a far larger amount of effort to account for both the technical aspects of the site as well as improvements in marketing, content, and, most importantly, aesthetics. To build a flourishing and long-lasting eCommerce company, you must first remove all of the obstacles in your path.

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