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How to Automate Image Optimization Workflow – 5 APIs You Should Consider

Product image optimization may be a little daunting but you must be aware that it is what you need to improve both SEO and search engine rankings. With optimized images, your load time increases thereby pleasing the visitors. It also enhances the whole performance and usability of your website.

While it is already established that image optimization is essential in ecommerce, many people do not take it as seriously. The main reason is that it can be a bit complicated, especially for some people who are not too oriented with how it is done. Good thing that there are APIs and a variety of SaaS applications that are intended for image optimization purposes. Automation is truly a game-changer for ecommerce entrepreneurs because it makes the image optimization process more efficient and cheaper.

SaaS vs APIs

SaaS vs API

SaaS or Software as a Service is an innovative tool that is developed to help businesses integrate applications that can make different business processes more efficient. Many people, on the other hand, are confused about what is an API or Application Programming Interface. Although these two terms seem to be the same, SaaS is more of a distribution model where applications can be hosted and be made available over the Internet whereas API is a way to allow other applications to be built on top of an already working application.

Say for example you have a photo editing application, a background remover API may be added so that you can include background removal on your set of services. With the addition of SaaS, you can make the application work without asking the user to download and install any software. SaaS will make the upgraded photo editing application available in the cloud so that anyone can use it as long as there is an internet connection.

Top 5 APIs to automate image optimization

When it comes to improving existing applications, APIs are what developers can rely upon to make the process seamless and quick. Since we are along on the page regarding optimization of product photos to make them ecommerce-ready, we came up with image integration APIs that will definitely make your photos look great and effective. Here are 5 of the best APIs that you can count on:

Removal.AI Background Remover APIs

1. Removal.AI API

Removal.AI is an HTTP-based interface that can be integrated seamlessly across any design. It provides a simple yet effective background eraser tool to compress the long process of removing backgrounds from images.

Background removal is a non-negotiable step when it comes to optimizing images. Aside from highlighting products in photos, a background remover can bring tons of other benefits in terms of improving photos. In a way, removing a photo’s background gives you a sort of a blank canvas where you can have limitless possibilities of enhancing it. 

Getty Images APIs

2. Getty Images API

Getty Images is a leading distributor of premium photos, videos, footage, music, and other types of content. It is very useful when you want to add the best images into your marketing materials, especially those that will be posted on social media. With its powerful API, it will be easier to integrate Getty Images content with your existing products, services, and publishing tools.

Unsplash Stock Photos APIs

3. Unsplash API

With over 2.4 million photos, Unsplash is undoubtedly one of the most powerful photo engines in all of the World Wide Web. The Unsplash API provides simple integration that is designed to fit into any workflow. With this API, you can instantly insert beautiful imagery into any content. This would also open up many creative possibilities for your company’s blog and social media accounts.

Instagram APIs

4. Instagram API

Almost every known personality has an IG account so it is not so surprising why businesses all over the world are trying very hard to make their presence felt on Instagram. Businesses and creators alike will find the Instagram API useful in managing their IG accounts. It would give full control over all interactions in the platform easier. This would mean a seamless way to moderate comments, measure media and profile interaction, get basic data about other users, and discover both hashtagged media and @mentions. Image Resizer APIs

5. API is augmented with advanced features, making it one of the best image optimization tools available. It is engineered to deliver optimal performance with its dedicated infrastructure and reliable support team.

The Significance of APIs in SaaS

The software industry is a fast-growing segment of the tech industry. The shift towards the use of SaaS application is so remarkable because businesses were allowed to focus on the development of products and services instead of being burdened by intricate business processes.

APIs served as the most significant factor over this shift because it enabled the developers to integrate various applications into the business processing services of many industries. APIs have become the most critical part of using SaaS since they extend the features and usability of many applications.

Take a way…

The ecommerce industry has seen plenty of innovations over the years but the current use of SaaS and API technology probably gave the most impact. Somehow it bridged the gap between business owners and developers and paved a way for both parties to integrate useful applications into business processes. A lot of innovations are being created with the merging of knowledge and techniques that consumers are able to enjoy.

Image optimization is not difficult as long as you have the right tools in your hands. Automating the image optimization process grows your business by boosting your SEO and the overall site performance and transforming your product photos into valuable items that customers can’t wait to get their hands on. It will not take long for you to reap the benefits of making your product photos fit for ecommerce.

Get your product photos ready for eCommerce. Removal.AI can process background removal for bulk images – up to 1000s of photos – in a matter of hours. You can also change the background into white or solid colors instantly. We also offer eCommerce photo editing done manually by our skilled photo editors completed within 24 hours.
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