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Remove BG Alternative: Save Up to 50% with Removal.AI

Are you looking for an alternative to remove BG from images? 

If you’re dealing with many images daily that need background removal, you must’ve tried some tools to help you with this dilemma. One of them could’ve been, Photoshop, or some other kind of tool. But since you’re here, you must’ve not yet found the online tool that fits perfectly to your needs.

The good news is that you’ve just found the right tool.

Removal.AI offers outstanding eCommerce, photographers, digital marketing, and media background removal services. We are a small team of awesome A.I. developers backed by professional photo editors who know what our clients need best in terms of service and cost.

In less than a year, we gained over a million traffic monthly and processed millions of images. And because we use the power of AI and Machine Learning in our tool, every image processed made it even more awesome and precise. 

What makes Removal.AI a great alternative to Remove the BG from images?

Our subscription prices are within your budget.

With Removal.AI, you can purchase image credits based on the number of images you need to be processed. You don’t have to subscribe to a pricey monthly plan that you don’t need. 

Our pricing plan is best for those just starting out and only need to edit as few as 40 images per month for only $5.99 or $0.15 per image.

Removal.AI subscription prices are very scalable and can grow with you and your company. As you need more monthly credits, you can adjust your subscriptions even up to 50,000 image credits at only $1,650 or $0.03 per image.

You can also downgrade or upgrade your plan anytime to get more value from your money!

Check out Removal.AI’s pricing plan
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If you’ve visited our pricing plan, you’ll find that you can save more from download costs as the number of images you need to be processed increases. This offer is very advantageous if you have thousands of photos to edit!

Here’s an example to show you how much you can save with more affordable options from Removal.AI compared to that of’s subscription plans: 

For 5,000 images:

  • Removal.AI = $359.90
  • = $589!

That’s almost $230 saving on every 5,000 images you edit! That’s more than 60% savings

Now, let’s say your company needs to edit 50,000 product photos:

  • Removal.AI = $1,650
  • = $3,950!

You will save $2,300 worth of precious resources, which you would rather spend on improving your products and services, right?

Whereas, with Photoshop, you need to pay $20.99/month, which might not be too costly for a subscription. But imagine working for hours removing background, saving, and compiling your images; pretty tedious, right?

Flexible subscriptions at your fingertips

We can truly say that Removal.AI has the best pricing plan for your needs. Whether you are just starting in the business or have established a name in the industry, our unmatched quality is priced according to your needs.

4 Unique Features of Removal.AI

Removal.AI is more than just a tool used to remove background from photos. It also has an online photo editing tool essential to creating engaging visuals and can be used by anyone (even by non-designers) to create stunning graphic designs. 

1. Single-image or Bulk Image Background Remover

Removal.AI mainly offers auto background removal from images using AI technology. You can upload a single image to create a transparent background out of it, or you can use our bulk image background remover tool, which is downloadable to your Windows or Mac Desktop for FREE! With this, you can upload as many images as you want at once. Removal.AI will process them instantly, organizing them into a single folder, so it’s ready to use anytime.

2. Photo Editor

While the AI background remover is already excellent as it is, Removal.AI offers and gives you the freedom to edit your photos further. We have an image editor tool that is very simple to use with features on par with other manual photo editing tools. 

With our image editor, you can erase more details, change the position of your images, adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure, add shadows, and more. 

You don’t need to download our image editing tool. Do it online and unleash its capabilities without exhausting yourself with complicated stuff. That’s what makes Removal.AI perfect for beginners and experts alike.

3. Complete Text Editor

Removal.AI also has a text editor. This feature will help you create professional-quality designs. Add texts to your images or an attention-grabbing tagline to your design. You can also edit the text and its format by changing the colors, adding shadows, adjusting the blur, etc. 

Experiment with our editor tool to make your presentations and designs more effective. Even non-designers can create engaging graphics perfect for social media, web banners, and thumbnails by dragging and dropping the design elements. 

4. Background Editor

Removing the background from your images allows you to explore your creativity further by placing new backgrounds and elements. With Removal.AI’s background editor, you can make a new scene out of your images or set a new background color that our eCommerce users mostly use. This feature prepares their images for big platforms like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, etc. 

Remove background with Removal.AI
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Removal.AI is a powerful alternative to Remove BG from your images. 

We at Removal.AI are aware that our clients’ time, demand for quality, and budget are the things we need to address when offering our services. That’s why we are constantly improving our AI tool to provide faster and more precise background removal processing.

As we strive to give the best output for our users, we also make sure that we only offer reasonable and advantageous pricing for our services–more simply because we want to work with you and aid you in reaching your goals.

Choose Removal.AI, and you will get to enjoy a professional-quality service at a fraction of the cost! You will not get to use anything like our background remover tool. 

Take advantage of trying Removal.AI for free even without signing up and explore our features so you’ll know how powerful Removal.AI is for simple to advanced photo editing needs.

If you have further questions so we can assist you right away!
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