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Background Remover for Photographers.
Change Background

Better Backdrops in a Snap!

Enhance your portraits, studio shots and product photos with new backgrounds. Remove the original background and change it with a new one - in bulk and instantly.

You can use a solid color that makes the subject pops or a new image as background to make it look more creative. With Removal.AI, the possibility in showcasing your shots is endless!

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With Removal.AI you can...

Capture more moments and manage your photography business efficiently and productively. Let us handle the repetitive task while you focus on growing your business.

Background Remover for Headshots
Emphasize Headshots

Remove background from headshots and portraits, and change it with an ideal background to make it look professional.

Background Remover for Fashion Photography
Enhance Fashion Photos

Distracting backgrounds does not go well with fashion photography. Cutting out the distracting elements will keep the focus on the subject.

Remove Background from Image Subject
Highlight Your Subject

Make the subject the center of attention. Complicated edges and unnecessary elements may be challenging to eliminate but not with Removal.AI.

Automatic Background Remover

What Green Screen?

Chroma-keying backgrounds are a huge help. It makes editing backgrounds easier and faster. The downside is that it can be a hassle to lug around all the equipment that you need for it. This is why Removal.AI works like magic for many photographers.

Take photos everywhere

No green screen required

Remove Background From Image
Remove and Change Background Instantly

Automate Your Workflow

As a professional photographer, you don’t have to spend countless hours doing image background removal to enhance your photos. Let your photography business grow! Removal.AI API can make your workflow simple and more efficient.

Integrate with photo editing programs and apps

Edit thousands of images in a lesser time

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Manual Image Masking and Clipping

Looking for some human touch? Want to make extra effort in creating visually-impacting images?

For manual image clipping and masking needs, we have a specially-trained team that can handle even the most complex of photo editing and retouching requests. We assure professional results delivered in as early as 24 hours.

Manual Background Removal Services
Manual Background Removal Services
Professional Photo Editors and Photo Retouchers.

Professional Photo Editors and Photo Retouchers.

We want to give you all-in-one solution when it comes to photo editing and retouching. Our professional editors and retouchers can bring magic to your photos that your clients will surely love.

Our studio photo retouching services include wrinkle & blemish removal, body reshaping & face liquifying, teeth whitening & red-eye removal, color correction, high end skin retouching, digital makeup enhancement - a fully complete retouch.

Our manual product photo editing services include clipping path, clipping masks, color correction, ghost mannequin, change color, adding original shadow, drop shadow and reflection shadow and more.