10+ Sites to Download Over 100K Free Space Background Images

The galaxy consists of many largest structures in the universe. It is why with any design, a space background agrees with a bold theme. Galaxy backgrounds have a lot of colorful textures. These do not only make the design look livelier, the whole picture also becomes brighter and appears to have an appealing personality, providing fantasy vibes.

There are tons of space backgrounds and galaxy-themed backgrounds that you can find from both free and premium sites. In this collection, you will see at least 12 resources where you can download a space background. The variety of galaxy themes in these backgrounds will be perfect whether for your web design project, desktop background or as a new background when you are looking for a replacement picture after background removal.

Free Sites Where to Download Space Background Images

Stars, planes, and galaxies have one thing in common. These scenes all look ethereal. They never fail to uplift the mood as it makes you wonder what secrets do these otherworldly objects hold. 

Create this fantastical mood in your next design project with a space background. Get it for free from any of these sites:

1. Rawpixel.com

space background

Raw Pixel has an interesting set of wallpapers that feature space. Some of the pictures look vintage and there are also those that feature abstract designs. These photos are of high quality and are safe for commercial use. The scenes are highly aesthetic so you can never go wrong with using them for your next design project.

2. Freepik.com

space background

If you are keen on capturing the beauty of the night sky, these backgrounds from Freepik will make you happy. There are over 420 collections that feature colorful space, planets, galaxies, and anything about the world beyond our atmosphere.

Get creative with the different textures, styles, and the abundance of colors. You can use these backgrounds for an assortment of projects, including posters, logo mockups, web design, print design, and more!

3. Pexels.com 

space background

Pexels has a massive collection of space and galaxy themed photos. You will be overwhelmed with over 98 thousand photos and 18 thousand videos that all look magical. The pictures look very realistic as they were designed to look as real as possible.

Because these backgrounds are so unique side from looking great, they will be perfect if you are looking forward to creating stunning cover images for your social media pages. They will also look awesome to use on any web page.

4. Pngtree.com

space background

PNGTREE is where you should check out first if you are searching for free .png files for your design project. Because of the magnified scenes in galaxy-themed photos, it can be challenging to find ones that are in .png files. This free collection gives you .png space backgrounds that will look breathtaking in any website, app, presentation, or social media graphic designs.

What is great with .png files is that compression is almost lossless. This means that quality is not diminished whenever it is opened and used in creative design projects.

5. Pixabay.com 

space background

Pixabay has over 17,800 images with space and galaxy themes. The photos they have features the enormous beauty of anything associated with astronomy. This colorful and creative collection of galaxy backgrounds is suitable for any project that is cosmic-themed. Whether it is for a children’s website, greeting cards, or marketing flyers these backgrounds will look spectacular.

6. Wallpaperscraft.com 

space background

Wallpapers Craft has very impressive space wallpapers. Although the collection is not too big, all the images are in HD quality. The scenes all look like they have been photographed outside Earth’s atmosphere or using a NASA telescope.

With their stunning qualities, these images will not disappoint you and the viewers if they are used for website headers, presentation slides, wallpapers, and more.

7. Wallpaperaccess.com

Wallpaper access also does not have a massive collection of space and galaxy backgrounds. Although there are only about 65 images from their space wallpapers set, they all have a strong textured effect because of the quality. 

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They will surely look great with any design project as you can play around with different editing techniques. Any of these pictures will come out realistic if you are going to use it as a replacement photo after you remove the background from any image.

8. Unsplash.com 

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Unsplash has over ten thousand images that have the space and galaxy theme. The creative scenes in their collection can help you create a unique image as website backgrounds, social media covers, or any design project. The collection varies in terms of elements. Some of them are photos of a plain sky while others include planets, objects, and people.

This site is one of the best sites where background photos free download is offered. It is great for those who are looking for images that they want to practice their photo editing skills with.

9. Wallpapercave.com 

change background

Wallpapercave has a few space and galaxy themed backgrounds to offer. They look simple but in superb quality. Since the photos are not too overwhelming, they will suit any design that is after achieving a minimalistic appeal. They will complement with art-related design projects as it will make the main subject shine the most.

10. Wallpapersafari.com 

change background

One look at the Wallpaper Safari’s collection of space-themed backgrounds and you will be excited with the stunning quality in each picture. The colors are so vibrant and inviting. They look very realistic that it can be a little difficult to believe they were not shot in outer space. All of these backgrounds will suit any type of both digital and print design projects.

11. Space.com

What is unique from the images from Space.Com is that they give informative descriptions for each of their photos. It can be interesting in a way that you also learn while you look for the perfect photo for your design project. This is also important to take note especially when you are after creating realistic designs for your audience. You may also use the tidbit of information to describe your project. 

You will surely get extra points if you are using the photos for a school project and use that technique to impress the teacher. The same can also happen if you share some of your new-found knowledge about space during your design presentation to clients or colleagues.

Premium Sites Where to Download Space Background Images

When using a space background for a design project, it is important that all the design elements look seamless. This can only be achieved if you are going to use the highest quality of photos. While some of the free resources above offer HD quality images, premium sites can offer better qualities like a 4K or 6K resolutions.

When it comes to pictures, a higher resolution can only mean one thing—that the higher resolution a picture has, the more realistic it would appear to the viewer. Using high resolution images, therefore, will not only elevate the image quality but will also enhance the overall viewing experience of the audience.

Here are five of the best sites where you can download premium quality space and galaxy-themed backgrounds for your next design project:

1. Dreamstime.com

Dreamstime has got to be one of the top resources for royalty-free photos. A search for space and galaxy backgrounds alone gives you more than 7 million images or 88,399 pages on the results! While this can be a bit overwhelming, it is good to know that you can trim down your choices by being more specific. You can add a few descriptions on your search to give specific results, such as bright multi-colored abstract space background, deep space gems, solar system, etc.

2. Canstockphoto.com 

CanStock Photo also has plenty of images to choose from if you are to download something space related. They have an impressive collection of photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos so that you will have one that will suit your current design project best. One thing is for sure, the backgrounds featured will help you capture the beauty that you needed to be present for your designs.

3. Depositphotos.com

DepositPhotos has more than 150 thousand royalty-free photos for outer space- related backgrounds. They come in different styles, textures, and orientations. One of the best features of using this site is that they have an option to show images that are already isolated. This means that it will be easier to use the photos for any project since the process of image background removal is already taken care of.

4. iStockphoto.com

iStock by Getty Images is undoubtedly one of the go-to sites for premium royalty-free images. There are over 5 million background photos with the space theme. You will find space images in a variety of cosmic colors. These are suitable for posters, design covers, and any other design projects that need to look astounding.

5. Shutterstock.com

Saving the best for last, Shuttersock has over 29 million stock photos in their collection for anything space-related! It is impossible to think that they do not have a picture that you are specifically looking for. You absolutely need to narrow down your search by being very specific with your search terms or you will end up getting confused over which photo to use in your project. Mind you, you can set the image size, orientation, image type, and other specifics to filter your search.

Usage of Space Background

In portrait photography

Using a space theme for portrait photography can be quite interesting. The perfect ones to use to make the portrait model shine are those that look subtle. A few stars will not hurt and neither do the soft swirls of the galaxy as they will help highlight the subject’s best features.

background change
Image Source: Fineartamerica.com

Some photographers also use space themes to make creative portrait photos by digitally blending the model into the background. Although it can be quite tricky to do, it will look admiringly good and stunning once it is perfectly executed.

In product photography

Although it is a given that neutral colors are more suitable for product photography, there are some exceptions, including the use of vibrant colors. There are times when you also need to balance a too plain-looking product by having a splash of color in the picture. 

background change
Of course, you need to make sure that when using bright colors, such as space scenes, they will also complement with the product that you are promoting. There are also plenty of space-themed backgrounds that look calm and minimalist. These are perfect if you are looking for a background that has just the right amount of exciting vibe to make the colors of the product pop.

Web and app design

What is exciting with creating a web and app design is that there is no absolute rule as to what background or elements to use in it. As long as it looks great and fitting for the project, then you can go ahead and experiment with different textures, colors, and styles. 

background change
Image Source: OUTLΛNE 

Space and galaxy backgrounds are among the most exciting photos to experiment with when creating a web page. This may be attributed to the ethereal appeal that space themes give off. With this in mind, designers are able to come up with magical themes that feature these kinds of backgrounds easily.

In fashion photography

Fashion photography is notorious for being flamboyant. Fashion is all about going all out when it comes to photoshoots. Nothing is flashier than a space-themed background. 

background change

Depending on the current trends, some clothes feature digital prints that look great when shot with a galaxy background. This goes to say that galaxy-inspired shoots featuring a splash of wild cosmic colors will definitely go well with fashion photo shoots.

Your Turn…

Using space and galaxy backgrounds is not for the faint-hearted. They are for those people who are brave enough to make a bold statement. We hope that you will find this collection awesome and that it will give you plenty of ideas on how you can incorporate these background images into your photo editing projects.

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