Remove Background Around Hair – FAST & SIMPLE!

It is extremely tricky to remove the background around the hair area of a person’s photo. It is like working with fur and flames where the shape and edges can be pretty complicated. Attempting to remove background around hair is already challenging even for expert photo editors so imagine how difficult it would be for those with little to no background with editing photos?

Good thing there’s Removal.AI to the rescue! Change the background and keep that great hairstyle in place with these three simple steps:

Step 1: Upload your image.

remove background from hair

Remove Background From Hair Results

You can drag and drop the image on the image box; upload the image file from your computer, or use the image URL for web images and Removal.AI will automatically remove the background in seconds! 

Step 2: Download with transparent background or…

remove background from hair

With millions of images our AI technology has processed over time, our AI tool becomes smarter every day. This ensures our users to get high quality cut out images as a result even for complicated edges like fur and hair. 

Step 3: Change to new background color or image.

remove background from hair

If you want to play around with your photo’s background, you can click on the edit button. Our built-in photo editor allows you to change the background color of your original photo – In just a snap.

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