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Removal.AI for E-commerce: Create Stunning Product Images

First impressions last.

In e-commerce, the company’s first impression usually pertains to your product images. They will be the basis of your customer’s initial judgment. This is crucial since those images will either entice your customers to buy or not.

Customers depend heavily on product images to help them decide what to purchase. They would scrutinize any images of the product and try to visualize them as if they were holding the real thing. And if you are able to satisfy their requirements, you will be able to make a sale in an instant.

Removal.AI is a powerful tool that helps you separate the foreground from the background. When you upload an image, it uses A.I. that use advanced computer vision algorithms to detect foreground pixels. It then instantly removes the background and leaves you with the foreground image. This background remover will allow you to change or edit your images.

The Power of Visuals in E-commerce

Taras Shypka | Unsplash

Humans are visual beings. Various studies have determined that we retain 80% of what we see, 20% of what we read and 10% of what we hear. We rely on visual cues for how we interact with our surroundings. Our brains have evolved to absorb and react to visual information effectively. This is the reason why visual content is much more persuasive to 60% of consumers.

According to Retail Technology Review, 75% of online shoppers depend on product images for their purchasing decision. This is because they feel more informed and confident when they can visually assess the product. The product image can visually confirm product details and specifications.

Because of its importance, you should pay attention to your product image. According to Indeed, high-quality photos can increase your conversion rate by 94%. Image quality can affect your customer’s impression of your brand. Low-quality images usually mean that your brand doesn’t have the means to promote your products. It gives the impression that your brand is unprofessional and not trustworthy. Your customers will assume that you are trying to hide something behind the poor-quality product images.

E-commerce sales are projected to reach $8.1 trillion by 2026. This is due to the fact that more and more customers are finding it more convenient to do their shopping online. Amazon, the giant online retailer, had almost 3.68 billion monthly visitors in 2022 on its website.

With these kinds of numbers, it is no wonder that a lot of people realize the profits that can be gained in e-commerce. There are more than 24 million online stores that are available online.

Your product image is very important not only to attract customers but to be able to stand out from your competitors.

Common Challenges with Product Photography

When you are shopping and scrolling through numerous e-commerce sites, the first thing that catches your attention is the crisp clear product image.

So, in order to increase traffic to your store and increase your conversion rate, your product image will be your bait to reel your customers over.

Here are some things to consider in your product photography.

a. Dealing with cluttered backgrounds.

Kara Eads | Unsplash

Too many elements in your photos might be too distracting for your customers. Remember, your product should be the main subject. You aim for potential customers to zero in on the product itself. You have a very limited amount of time to catch their attention when they are browsing and scrolling through the different sites.

A plain and solid-colored background is best for product photography. The product is the main focus of the image and there are no distractions.
But if you do not like your background to be too bleak, there are other options. Use simple textures like marble patterns, gradation and checkerboards. As long as it is not too cluttered and doesn’t take the attention away from the product itself.

You can use background remover software to make it easier to change and edit.

b. Consistency issues across different product images

KOBU Agency | Unsplash

There should be a standardized approach to your product images. There should be consistency with regard to camera angles, background, aperture, lighting, shadows and highlights. The way you edit your saturations, sharpening and crop factor should be the same. Even the size and format of the images needs to be considered. If it could be possible use the same photographer, camera gear and studio setup.

You need this consistency to reinforce your brand. There should be uniformity when your images appear alongside each other. Your customers will find it easier to compare your product. This creates an overall look that would be part of your brand identity. It also helps to make your brand appear more professional and legitimate.

c. Time and costs associated with professional photo editing

Will Porada | Unsplash

Professional photo editing can cost money. Photo editors on average charge around $90 per hour. And if you are dealing with multitudes of products, the cost would add up.

There is also managing your time frame. Photo editing takes time and patience is needed. This might cause delays in updating your inventory on your e-commerce site.

But, there are advantages that you can have if you outsource to image editing services.

One, instead of spending your time editing the images, you can focus that time on other important tasks in your business.

Two, offered customized packages. Photo editing companies would offer customized packages that meet the needs of their customers. So, you pay for only the services that you need. You don’t need a full-time staff to do this.

Three, assured high-quality images. They have editors who have the experience and the skills to create professional results. You need not worry that your product images will fall off standard.

Introduction to Removal.AI

Removal.AI is one of the best solutions for automated background removal. It aims to remove the tediousness and complication of separating the background from the foreground in an image. This is to enable creatives to focus more on creating than mundane tasks.

You can be assured that Removal.AI for e-commerce usage is viable. They are best used in providing crisp and clear product images. They have perfected their technology to be able to provide assistance to a lot of e-commerce businesses. They work to increase work efficiency across industries by taking advantage of technology

With the advancements in AI technology, Removal.AI has been built to ease the burden of image processing. It creates a transparent background that can be customized according to your needs. They use advanced computer vision algorithms to separate the foreground completely from the background. This makes the detection and removal of the background easier and hassle-free for the users.

How Removal.AI Works

Here is the step-by-step process of using Removal.AI

STEP 1: Go to the site,

STEP 2: Upload your photo or image by clicking on “Choose a photo”. It will open on your computer’s file storage. Choose the photo you want to edit. It can upload images of more than 12 MB in size.

STEP 3: Click “Open”.

STEP 4: Your image will be then uploaded to the site.

Like magic, your image’s background will be automatically removed. This leaves you with the foreground or the photo’s main subject. It already has a transparent background so editing the background can be changed to whatever you want.

STEP 5: At this point, you can download the image at 800 x 533. If you need a higher quality image of 5184×3456, you need to join the subscription fee for a minimal amount. This offers greater quality results for the customers.

STEP 6: An “Editor Tool” can be found on the site for you to use. You can adjust opacity, brightness, contrast, noise and blur. Text can also be added. In this editor tool, it includes functions that enable you to add different backgrounds.

STEP 7: Click “Download Image” and save the file on your computer.

Removal.AI is fast, accurate and so easy to use. It only takes seconds for it to remove the background. And with the editor tool already available for the free version, editing simple images is a breeze.

Benefits of Using Removal.AI for E-commerce

It is highly recommended to use Removal.AI for e-commerce. Not only will it make amazing product images but can also make your workflow more efficient.

Removal.I have image editing services that offer customized services for your business. They have a dedicated team who are the best in their fields and are passionate about their work.They aim for outstanding outputs by using the latest in innovative technology in photo editing, retouching and artificial intelligence technology.

a. Consistent and professional-looking product images.

When you use Removal.AI for e-commerce, you are guaranteed impressive product images that are well beyond standard. Their editors have years of experience when it comes to this industry. So, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of their work.

Try removing the background from your images:

You can also achieve a consistent look or feel on your product images. This is important to build the brand image and identity of your company. Your customers will be able to identify you much easier.

b. Rapid turnaround time for bulk image processing.

Joseph Frank | Unsplash

With every business, time is gold. You have to have an efficient workflow to minimize the cost of the operation. Profitability is not only on sales. It is also found in all the money you have saved by boosting your business’s efficiency.
When you integrate Removal.AI for e-commerce business, you’ll be lessening the amount of time spent on editing product images one by one. You will be increasing your productivity by saving more time. Removal.AI is capable of bulk image processing that enables you to process 1, 000 images with a click of a button.

c. Cost savings compared to traditional photo editing services

Removal.Ai\I is very cost-effective compared to other photo editing services. With AI technology, their processing time is very fast. It takes seconds to process an image and that saved time alone translates to money saved.

Most photo editing services may cost more since they are either paid per monthly subscription or per image. And, their work specifics are very limiting. Removal.AI has a customizable package deal that will enable you to pay for the work that you only need. And, with the free version available online, basic background removal and editing is possible. This is advantageous to start-ups or small e-commerce businesses.

d. Flexibility to overlay products on various backgrounds or themes.

The editor tool enables you to change the background of your images to whatever background you want.
Since Removal.Ai makes a transparent background, you can have the same product image and just change the background according to themes, season and occasion. This is another cost-effective way of using the same images and just changing or upgrading the background. There is no need to do another set of photo edits.

e. Hire professionals to meet challenging product image needs

Some editing jobs could be more challenging than the rest. And, if you do it yourself, you’ll be spending more time than necessary. Your efforts could be in vain and this could cause problems in your business. Because, instead of being productive, you’ll be just wasting time and resources.

It is better to hire an image editing service like Removal.Ai for e-commerce. They have a lot of professional editors that can work with your business. The following are some of their offering;

1. Fast turnaround – get your high-quality images within 24 hours.

2. Consistency – you will be working personally with one of their best editors. This one-on-one approach ensures clear communication for a consistent result.

3. Flexible plan – optimize your package or plan, so you only pay for work that you need. They are able to custom-fit their packages to be convenient and cost-effective.

4. Quality Assurance – all projects are thoroughly inspected to meet the demands and expectations of the client.

5. Unlimited changes – they assure customer satisfaction, so they will do their utmost if changes are needed as per client’s request.

6. No copyright – all rights to the images are for the client’s and the client’s alone. They will not reuse any images for other projects.

Integrating Removal.AI into E-commerce Workflows

Removal.AI also offers API integration with different e-commerce platforms. This creates a seamless incorporation of specialized background removal to your application to make the editing process more efficient and effective.

You will be provided with an API key for a monthly subscription. Use the codes provided to start with your integration. You can go back to the parameters reference to adjust the request if needed. Each API key is different from the other clients. This is for added security to the feature.

You can process up to 500 images per minute through the API. But, the number could differ if you consider image resolutions and internet speed.

Be assured that the Removal.AI team is always paying attention to any possible rare case errors that may come out. They are actively thinking of ways to solve these errors that may affect your system.

By integrating the API in your platform or application, there will be ease in automating image processing for new product listings. It will be easier to update your inventory and let customers see what is new in your e-commerce store.

With Removal.AI, you are not only taking in a powerful API but a group of professionals who are there to make your workflow easier.


E-commerce is a tough industry to get ahead of. There are numerous competitions and it is always a fight on who gets the most sales. You need all the tools that could help you get the upper hand.

Removal.Ai is the tool that will guarantee you that you will achieve that dream workflow. Because they want you to focus more on growing your e-commerce business than be sidetracked by the little things.

So go ahead and try it out. A free version is available on their website for you to get an idea of how the tool works. See all the advantages that you’ll gain when you make Removal.AI part of your workflow. Compare it with other image editing services and realize what it can offer your e-commerce business.

Why settle for anything but the best?

Try it, now.

Relevant Questions:

Q: How does Removal.AI ensure the security and privacy of the uploaded images, especially for businesses concerned about proprietary product designs?

A: Removal.AI prioritizes user privacy and data security by employing encryption and secure protocols to protect uploaded images. Check Removal.AI’s Privacy Policy for the specifics.

Q: Can Removal.AI handle images with complex backgrounds or subjects with intricate details, and what are the limitations of its AI technology?

A: Yes, the AI technology in Removal.AI is designed to handle various complexities in images, but like any AI tool, it may have limitations with extremely detailed or intricate backgrounds, necessitating manual adjustments or review.

Q: Beyond e-commerce, what other sectors or industries could benefit from using Removal.AI’s services, and are there case studies showcasing its versatility?

A: Other sectors that could benefit from Removal.AI include digital marketing, advertising, real estate, and any industry requiring clear, visually appealing images.