The world is your green screen

Ever watched a modern blockbuster movie and wondered how these actors got in those fantastic and otherworldly locations? Saw the front-page of a fashion magazine then started questioning yourself why the models got into those spectacular scenes? Were they in life-threatening situations? The good news is, well, they are all safe, but still, the question remains: “How were they do that?”

The answer to that question is: They likely used the technology called chroma key or “green screen”.

bulky and expensive green screen setup


Before jumping to any other things, let’s quickly revisit the basic definition of this technology. Chroma key is the technique that enables filmmakers, TV producers or professional photographers to record the actors and objects in front of a flat-screen of a single color. This color is normally green since this color is very different from the human skin tone. During the editing stage, the computer will automatically remove the background, meaning the green plate. The editors can easily replace the transparent background with whatever they want. They can even bring the actors to Mars. Sounds cool? However, this technology requires lots of space with special lighting conditions, bulky, expensive cameras, and many many more.

To this point, you may question yourself, would it always the case? Fortunately, we are in the era of Artificial Intelligence and Removal.AI Background Remover is here to help. With you can easily remove the background from any photo, fully automated no matter what the background is. Select an image, wait for a few seconds on, and… Yay! Got your transparent background image and be ready to travel wherever you want. The teleporting power is at your finger.

Teleporting to anywhere you want by creating transparent background image.

Still with the green screen? Tired with bulky and expensive devices? Not anymore! Let’s the world be your green screen. Try it!

Tip: If you want to maximize the quality, we recommend taking photos in front of a neutral background to get the perfect transparent background.

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