Free Corporate Website PSD Template

It’s time to step up in improving your brand. Having your own corporate website will help you build credibility as it’ll serve as your digital business card. A website will also enable you to cater to a larger number of people you can provide solutions to.

This FREE Corporate Website PSD Template is perfect for startup business complete with important web page templates: Home.psd, About Us.psd, Contact Us.psd, Blog.psd, and Projects.psd. Fully editable files are available for each page template. They are grouped in layers with consistent naming conventions for ease of use; you can modify each web element based on your preferred styles and designs.

Here’s How to Use the FREE Corporate Website PSD Template(s):

1. Download the PSD file(s)

You can download the FREE PSDs here

2. Open the PSD files in Photoshop

By opening the PSD files in Photoshop, you will find that each file contains elements that are layered, named, and grouped together so you can easily edit it.

Corporate Website PSD Template Layered Elements

3. Change Images, Colors, & Text

Select the group of files that you want to change or modify. You can easily change elements such as text, font styles, shapes, and colors. You can rearrange them, and add your own photos any way that you like.

Corporate Website PSD Template Change Colors

4. Slice Your PSD Files

Once you’re happy with the final edits, you can begin slicing the elements on the PSD file to prepare for coding. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to properly slice PSD ready for HTML.

Corporate Website PSD Template - How to Slice Elements

5. Ready for Coding

PSD Slicing allows you to divide the PSD into smaller elements that used to be reassembled on a web page using HTML markup and CSS. Here is a tutorial on how to code your PSD template into an interactive website.

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Corporate Website PSD Template - Background Removal by Removal.AI

Corporate Website PSD Template - Use of Background Removal by Removal.AI

You can also highlight your image subjects by replacing the photo’s background to give a more vibrant and dynamic look. This is exactly where a reliable background remover comes in handy.

Corporate Website PSD Template - Background Removal by Removal.AI

Removal.AI neatly and automatically removes image background in seconds. This allows you to download high-resolution, transparent images (PNG) that you can always use to create great graphics and banners for your website. Using this innovative and highly-effective resource, Removal.AI will definitely save you time and help you be more productive; allowing you to create more designs and realize your ideas.

Image credits: Shutterstock and Unsplash

I hope that this FREE Corporate Website PSD Template will be useful to anyone especially to new web designers who are still on their way to learning about Web Design.